New innovations for the social aggregation products

Our social product has gotten some makeovers.
We just deployed some for the new Vasachallenge Platform we've built to support the Bas van de Goor Foundation with Tyrsday. We shortly present the new stuff below.

1.  Item page
To get more traffic out of the visits we decided to make an item page panel.
This teases the visitors when they first end up on a platform to explore further. This makes a very soft landing to the homepage.
People love the social platform because they stumble upon adventures of others. This new funnel ensures that visitors find more cool stuff.

2. Webcam posting
Participate directly from the Tag The Love platform and post to your social networks. Peace!
3. More flexibility
You can now integrate the social wall functionality on any page on your platform.
In the screenshot below, you see it in the footer...