Writing stories is a meticulous operation. It requires a good strategy, consistency and the right tool. 

Create. Is that tool. Precisely designed for these challenges. 

Create isn’t just your content management system: it is your content management assistant, helping you every step of the way. 

Online publishing made simple

Content management

  • Simple and intuitive interface  
  • Smart use of storylines
  • Control over the look and feel

Creating content should be easy and fun


  • Embed the content you've collected in your stories 
  • Mobile apps to remix content on the fly 
  • Browser plugins integrated in your editor

Great content is all over the internet

Scheduling content

  • No more setting alarms clocks to post something over the weekend
  • Plan way ahead of your deadlines 
  • Bundle work so it becomes less of a burden

Time is money (or sleep)


  • Automatically notify stakeholders 
  • Integrate workflow in Whatsapp, Slack and online calendars
  • Facilitate engagement with your brand ambassadors

The real work starts after publishing

Writing the story is only the first step in reaching your audience


  • Gather data and distill insight
  • Evaluate your strategy 
  • Improve accordingly and consistently 

Do your stories have the right effect?

To optimize your strategy, you need to understand how your content is consumed.

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