Tag The Love has been building exceptional apps and platforms since 2010

We enable our wide ranging clientele to tell their stories effortlessly. 

Our clients range from big media and sports brands, to film production companies, to charitable organisations, celebrities, and politicians, but the quality prevails. 

Build remarkable websites

like Kinder World

    • Empowering concerned world citizens in their quest to create a better world.
    • Converting traffic to donations for the most effective charitable organisations. 
    • Publishing multiple articles per day on various topics.

    Thought-leadership platforms

    like Movement on The Ground

    • Keeping their audience up to date in a non-intrusive way.
    • Creating awareness about the challenges they tackling
    • Converting interested visitors to involved donors. 

    Fundraising platforms

    "The development of our new platform with Tag the Love has had a very positive impact on our organisation. The better overview of our content has not only meant that we have become more accessible to our visitors, but has also helped us to convey our Mission better which has led to an increase in donations"

    Nina Schmitz - Managing Director Movement on the Ground

    like V2 Records

      • Gathering the information about the artists and giving them their own spot.
      • Keeping all the followers up to date with the lastes news from the artists.
      • Building and maintaining a consistent music label.

      Music label platforms

      like Before The Flood

      • Creating buzz around the pressing 'Climate change' problem.
      • Converting social media attention to views.
      • Empowering people to unite and act.

      Campaigning platforms

      just like we are doing right now

      • Informing potential clients about the solutions our company provides.
      • Nurturing clients with content to get them acquainted with our expertise and services.
      • and communicating with them in a central place in a non-intrusive and consistent way.

      Business websites

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