Kinder World: Speed and Flexibility

A few months ago we launched the newest version of our Tag The Love tech stack.

We pilotted this for Kinder World.

Kinder is a one-stop-shop for effective giving that facilitates real public engagement. They make sure you can easily donate to effective charities working on causes you care about.

An important part of their strategy is adding context to fundraising practices.
Kinder has launched Kinder World to share stories about effective interventions and initiatives on a daily basis. With it Kinder wants to address topics and raise funds in a simple and effective manner.

"When you randomly address people in a shopping street, there is NO context at all. If you address them when you've shared an inspiring story many people are willing to commit themselves to change."

The challenges for Tag The Love over the last half year have been:

Speed and agility
Time is precious, so you don't want your target audiences to read your stories, make sure pages load as quickly as possible. We gained 300% faster pages by totally rethinking the logic of our pages.

Flexible designs
Tag The Love has been a module based 'software as a service' platform and that has benefitted many of our clients, but allthough there was a vast variety of designs, we needed to break away from our own standards sometimes. The way Tag The Love was organised made that pretty though and resulted in heavier payloads. We fixed that and right now we can integrate cool custom stuff if needed without compromising speed and overal platform performance.

Check the cool team page which we created for Kinder and browse the platform.

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