Monetize your video content

We developed a versatile player to help you monetize your video content. As of today it is available for all our clients.

As of January 1st,with the newly developed VOD (Video On Demand) module, you can sell your video content.

The player (incl. the content) can be embedded on other platforms as well.

The first client is Down To Earth This company developed the documentary with the same name, which was the longest documentary ever to run in the Dutch cinemas. As of two months the documentary is also available online in The Netherlands and will now be released in The UK as well. More countries will follow soon.

Tag The Love enables Down To Earth to phase the introduction in different demographical regions by the use of IP ranges and multilingual functionality.

When a user buys the documentary he or she can view it with a unique link for a period of 48 hours. The views and IP addresses are tracked so the link cannot be infinitely shared with others. 

This way we optimized the potential costs per play.

Tbe VOD module is available for all Tag The Love clients. The sales team we can assist you in figuring out the costs per play for your videos. (This depends on length and quality etc.)

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