7 new features

Some exciting new additions to Tag The Love in the last few months.
The concept of Tag The Love is that when you 'buy' a platform you pay a fee to get things up and running and a monthly managed service fee for continuous development. We developed this model because we believe that a good website is constantly evolving and innovating. 

Over the last few months we added a lot of features. This blog covers 7 of the most important ones.


"<insert best quote here>" - Mathys van Abbe

2. Summary

The summary of a post is used for:
- yes... summaries on your platform
- but also for the way your posts are shown on all the different social networks.

3. Tags 

There is now a tagging option which allows users to further categorise their content. We're doing smart thing with this in the future, think grouping content in storylines (will blog about this in the near future), smart search and Search Engine Optimisation.

4. Forms

Platforms can easily be outfitted with our new forms modules.
These can be used for simple contact forms, but also for rich member enrolments like how it is used for the Vondelgym.
The form entries are besides being nicely emailed to platform owners also listed in the backend.

5. Playlists

Playlists were already present in our platforms, but these were always platform dependent. We redesigned this and now our platform owners can add any video to their playlists regardless of were these are originally hosted (YouTube, Vimeo, or even custom video services)

6. Content sets 

Sliders and blogrolls can now be filled asyncronically.
That means that platform owners have even better control in what content gets highlighted.The content sets also enable our clients to cross sell any type of content.

7. Side bar engagements  

We very successfully introduced the side bar engagements. Cross selling content with the sidebar has proven very efficient. The engagement rate of all our platforms using the sidebar in blogposts has gone up significantly.