How you can use online for your offline community.

About the opportunities for offline spaces like museums, hotspots like the Westergas terrein, Ahoy or the Copacobana.
Tag The Love helps you to capture energy.

It enables you to create and easily maintain an online space which aggregates social objects and which helps you to tell your stories and interact in a natural way with your peers. 

Tag The Love has been deployed succesfully in many areas for a vast amount of topics. In sports, music, radio, television. Around influencers, celebrities, charities and brands. Events, teams and other organisations have used Tag The Love to capture the energy around them. In six years over five hundred platforms have been launched.

Recently as a pet project we created a Tag The Love platform for a physical place, TQ. TQ is the startup hub founded by The Next Web, with partners Google,, KPMG and ABN-AMRO and besides that the home of my new initiative Kinder.

TQ houses 40 different startups and TQ's mission is to help these companies reach exponential growth. They do this by hosting events which could benefit the majority of the residents. They invite industry experts and leaders to share their stories and experience and hope that every startup can learn from each others mistakes and successes.

When I talk about the mechanics of Tag The Love I usually say that it is ideal for any social topic. And what I mean by that is that if people want to connect around that certain topic out in the open, Tag The Love can play a crucial part in facilitating that from a platform perspective.

So we wanted to put Tag The Love to the test for the TQ community and we developed

This platform aggregates all the Instagram, Twitter and Mobypicture posts which contain hashtags #TQqismyHQ, #TQams or which were checked into the TQ location and all the updates by the TQ crew social accounts. (see the screenshot below)

So far the platform aggregated 431 pictures and 246 other updates. In total 677 moments which were created and shared by the community. (so in practice, without any direct effort by the TQ organization)

Thanks to the technology all that energy is still there.  And most importantly. That energy can be used by TQ for numerous purposes.

First six opportunities for TQ towards the outside world:

1. To inspire others to organize an event there. The event space has a great view!

2. To become a new resident. Still a few places left!

3. Or to become a member of the exclusive inclusive Club. You meet great people and you can rent desks and meeting rooms.

4. Find out about inspiring events which are held at TQ. Creative Mornings host their monthly morning events in TQ. Great speakers, nice vibe and free coffee and croissants!

5. To promote their pet project like for example the Smallest Disco in the world.

6. Or to show which famous tech people are in the building.