First results: Studio 140

Together with Makers Republic we invited four talented individuals to start a sports platform.
Three social influencers, who mastered the way they use Twitter and a sports journalist joined forces. By doing so we combined their humour, photoshop and writing skills to create a goto place for sports enthusiasts.

We also started to develop short form video content together with the team. Facilitating them in creating rich content. (production, filming, editing etc.)

By combining their talents on one Tag The Love Platform, JordiBartMaurice and Diana launched Studio 140 right before the Winter Olympics.

Create the right mix

Studio 140 consists of the following:
- Photo formats around fun topics (like 'Famous Sports Moments with a Twist')
- photo formats around current events
- editorials about sports
- polls on various topics
- video formats (for example Google Glassley)


The results of the first month were impressive.

By creating:
43 visuals,
6 videos,
4 editorial posts and
4 curated blogposts

Over 500.000 people were reached on the platform itself. The content got even a lot more reach because one video (see above) and five Studio 140 pictures got picked up by national television and by many other online media.

Towards the upcoming hockey World Cup in The Hague and The Soccer World Cup in Brazil in the coming months we expect these numbers to grow even more.
This reach has simply become available for these four makers, by doing what they normally do in combination with the Tag The Love technology and Mobypicture. Social engagement which would normally stop on the social platforms now is directed to a fully engaging environment which can be used for implicit communication purposes.