Use your audience’s CPU to the best possible extent

Last December we launched the first “Tag The Love”-platform for Churandy Martina. This was the first near turn-key MobyNow solution bringing the successful real-time publishing and aggregation technology to a wider audience. Over 75 smaller brands and individuals have since been able to use the platform for the amplification of their stories.

We want to provide the world with the best possible tools for storytelling.

During the development and deployments of these 75 platforms we’ve been constantly gathering feedback. The continuous reinvention of our products is an essential part of our company. Over the last months we’ve totally redeveloped the MobyNow technology stack.

Our blogging tools have evolved

Being able to tell rich stories on your platform using multiple elements to provide the bigger picture is of vital importance. We therefor invested a lot of effort in creating a multifunctional blogging tool stack. The stack enables content managers to create rich media pages.

Content embedding

Poll creation

Currently over 30 publishers use this environment and this has become instantly available for all our clients. 


The platform behaves fully responsive, adapting to the device the user is browsing on.
Web view
tablet view
Mobile view

Video widgets   

We’ve developed a native player which our clients can feed any web video content. Of course this can be shown on the platform in a variety of forms.   
example video widget   

Modular based and affordable   

Because of the way we redeveloped our technology it becomes very easy to build new platforms. This enables us to develop launch rich distribution and aggregation platforms at an enormously fast pace, making it available for a much larger audience than we could over the last few years.   

Using MobyNow comes in reach for anyone who is serious about telling stories in a socially seamless, cost efficient way. If you have questions, feedback, or if you would like a demo about the possibilities, please contact us.

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