Post 50.000 on

Somewhere this week a Dutch weather/photography fan will post the photo/video 50.000 on the social Buienradar platform. It could well be Arlette Innemee, she has shared over 4000 weather related pictures by herself.

Buienradar is the biggest weather platform in The Netherlands.

Together with Tag The Love they launched the social content aggregation platform about a year ago.
Buienradar highlights the best submissions and some of these are also shown every evening at the RTL weather update on national television.

Our technology aggregates all weather related hashtags and directs the traffic from these postings directly from the social networks to the Buienradar website. Here Buienradar is in charge of monetising the traffic and keeping the users on the website. Followers and fans can comment on the shared content and share it with their friends.

Over a million unique visitors visited the platform, generating 6,5 million pageviews.
Below you'll find some of our favourite captures:
As you can see, we have pretty dramatic weather here in The Netherlands.
Wanna join in the fun, check out how!

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