Launched platforms and features

Some of the newly released platforms using Tag The Love technology:

Kakhiel (  
The platform by the popular dutch humorist is aggregating over 500.000 pageviews a month, reaching over 125k unique visitors. 

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (

Boris uses the traffic he generates with his Mobypicture postings to highlight his Indiegogo campaign for Inbox Pro. You can add practically all widgets to your Tag The Love platform. 

Axe Apollo campaign ( )    

We’ve already generated 600.000 views with this platform for Axe. Campaign is not finished yet. The dutch weird facts Twitter account is sharing facts about space using our technology and generating traffic for the Axe Space campaign.   

The Partysquad ( )
The traffic is used to get people to watch the newest video of The Partysquad. (nearing 1.000.000 YouTube views. Next to every posting you find the video. You can also find remixes and iTunes links on the platform. Not so ‘klote’ ey?    

Cinemates (
These guys make awesome CGI short video content. Keep an eye on them.          

Some more platforms:     
- Jan Heemskerk (     
- Deniz Alkac (     
- Johan Fretz (     

New modules and features     

There are a couple of new features we’re pretty excited about.     

The backchannel, every platform just got one. It shows all the photo sharing services and tweets. (check it out)     

Instant, this is a webbased sharing app. You can logon using your Twitter or Moby account and BAM you can post to all social sites and the Tag The Love platform you are visiting. Perfect for engaging your audience on the fly, no setup required, just shoot and share.     

New widgets:     

We added support for: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, iTunes, Soundcloud, Beatport, YouTube and Vimeo.     

And a lot more platforms and other exciting stuff coming up in the coming weeks.     

Stay tuned!

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