Geraldine showers totally naked

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Well, at least most of the time she does.
In fact mostly everyone showers naked these days.

A similar headline was used online yesterday by the Dutch most popular newspaper, De Telegraaf.

One of our Tag The Love clients, BNN-presenter Jan Versteegh, shared a picture of his colleague Geraldine Kemper and himself using Mobypicture on Twitter and Facebook, stating they were at the beach in Venice.

Telegraaf briefly examined the picture and decided people had to know about the possibility that it seems Geraldine might by sunbathing without a top.
"Photo: Geraldine topless on the beach!"

Thanks to this link bait, the traffic to Jan Versteegh his website exploded.
Jan uses Tag The Love to optimally benefit from the traffic around his social media endeavours.

Within a few hours the post got over 200.000 views and now, 22 hours later, it has been viewed over 425.000 times.

The anatomy of a single social object

Now comes the interesting part.
I'll give you some insights in the traffic and how that works on a Tag The Love platform.
First let's look at some of the stats.
On average the 350k+ unique visitors people looked at more than four pages, in total looked generated 1.6M+ pageviews.

The picture page itself grossed over 425k views by 370.000 different unique visitors.
Over 100.000 visitors also looked at the next posting Jan took. 
More than 20.000 people looked at at least 15+ pictures.
More than 10.000 people looked at over 25+ pages.
More than 5.000 people looked at over 40!
...and over a thousand people nearly looked at 100 of Jan his pictures on his Tag The Love platform. Yep, they keep themselves busy.

You see that less than one sixth of all the pageviews were consumed by people who just came to look at the picture which created the fuzz.

This 'long tail' is an important part of the magic of Tag The Love.
We enable our clients to create a deeper relationship with the community around their brand.

Basically this one picture initiated a lot of traffic on the platform. Traffic which Jan never would have gotten if he just posted the picture on his Twitter or Facebook pages.  Sure, many people would have seen the photo there as well, but the traffic could then not be used by Jan Versteegh to achieve his own (online) goals.  

On his own platform, Jan Versteegh is free to decide what to show next to his posts and how to funnel the visitors to his other online (potentially commercial) content. The platform act like an advanced publishing tool and offers him the latest options to publish his stories.

Want to learn how you can start benefiting from Tag The Love and fully start leveraging your social reach in your own domain? 

Contact us.

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