Call for five lucky bloggers

So our Tag The Love technology has grew mature and it's generating a lot of traffic for our clients.
We started by providing our technology to influential brands, people and organisations in The Netherlands and learned so much about the usage, the do's and don'ts. Our strategy, to keep Tag The Love a private a sort of invitation only product, helped us limit the amount of clients and optimise our features.

Now, we're starting to open up for a broader market.

Many bloggers start out with Wordpress, Blogger or other free, very handy blogging tools.
In our opinion those tools are quite limited or require experts to use these to the upmost advantage, but most importantly they have not adapted well enough to the changing way publishing works. People don't visit their favourite sites in the same way they did before the social revolution.

Tag The Love is here for the next step. Instead of just using a tool to publish content, Tag The Love will also bring you your social reach and that of your friends and followers. Traffic comes in automatically.

This blog is intended as a call for bloggers. 

We're giving away five Tag The Love platforms to passionate (semi)-professional bloggers in the upcoming weeks.
We want to give these five blogger a test drive with our technology for free!
(Yes FREE, normally we sell these pearls starting at 5.000 euro for setup and 250 euro per month)

Because we also want to validate the technology with users who have a lot of experience with the most used technologies out there.
We want to stimulate a few of them to take the leap and develop some of the feature together with them.

Who are we aiming at?
- bloggers in need of the next step
- bloggers who want to make their blog provide 100% of their income
- bloggers who are really passionate about their topics, but not interested in technology
- bloggers in the following topics: sports, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, news, economics, leisure, culture, tech, change, food, art, science

What do you need to apply?
1. Read our post about Talent Centered Publishing. If you have 4+ YES answers you can apply for the platform.
2. Just fill out our GET STARTED-form and state that you want to participate in the Call for Bloggers, elaborate on your topic/speciality and we'll evaluate your submission.

The final entry date is friday 22nd of August 2014. We'll select the 5 lucky bastards/teams of bastards before the end of the month. We'll announce them in our newsletter. You can sign up in the footer!

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