Bloggers, grow your pages per session!

Today we're upgrading all the news pages and footer designs for our Tag The Love clients.
We're constantly monitoring the performance of our modules on our platforms.

Besides making the platforms look good, we strive to keep the visitors on the platform as long as possible. An important part is to 'cross-sell' content on each page and interaction.

We want to grow the 'pages per session'-numbers.

The new blog and page design
We developed the News Page in a way cross-selling and sharing became more prominent.
In the example below we up sell to reading more blogposts and showing the latest shared pictures, but the new sidebar allows any of the Tag The Love modules to be included on the content pages and blogs.
We've also been rethinking the platform footer. Here again 'cross-selling' content is an important factor, as wel as the engagement. So we provide a way back into the site by offering more content.

By adding the social buttons we provide a few soft exits to external properties which will, if they grow, also grow the traffic on the site.

Also the vistor might be triggered by the shared content to want to contact the platform owner, so that's why we provide the contact information in the footer as well. We'll soon upgrade this with our new 'contact form'-module (optional).

If you're using Mailchimp or Sendgrid including your newsletter in the footer is also an option.
Our newsletter!
Oh, yeah, now we're on topic, we integrated several newsletter services!
Mailchimp and Sendgrid for now, but more coming up!

Oh and sign up for our own newsletter, so you'll never miss these updates....
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