New developments

The concept of Tag The Love is that when you 'buy' a platform you pay a fee to get things up and running and a monthly managed service fee for continuous development.
We developed this model because we believe that a good website is constantly evolving and innovating. 
Over the last few months we added a lot of features. This blog covers the most important developments.

1. Basic search

We added the option to search on the blogs. 
This is the first version of search and it only let's you search in blogposts, but we'll soon expand this to all Tag The Love content. (Photos, video, calendar, tweets etc.)

2. Calendar views

We're taking the calendar functionality to the next level adding a lot of features.
  • getting directions
  • functionality for adding events to your calendar
  • better maps integration
  • embeds

3. Blog roll

To further boost traffic we created a nice blogroll. Above the photo and video postings your share, we present the latest blogposts or those of a specific category. This will convert visitors who drop by to look at a picture or video to blogpost traffic organically. After testing this for over a week we see a nice rise in pages per session.

Coming up

In the next weeks we'll work on:
  • Ad management: control your commercial messages on your platform
  • Improving the item page
  • Better integration of other photo and video services

And of course our new Control Center!
(see some sneak previews below)