Instant Traffic


It all starts with the way people share their adventures with their friends on their social networks.
Mobypicture is the underlying distribution technology which helps users share their social content to ALL their social networks in one go.

Mobypicture enables users to share their adventures in an easy and context rich way. It helps people from all over the world to post photo video and audio directly from over 1500+ applications to over 100+ social destinations, or to your own Tag The Love platform.

Charlie Sheen shares his videos using Mobypicture and his 12 million followers on Twitter are triggered by the tweet and preview to click on the link. They end up on the Mobypicture posting page.  

Charlie shared his photo using Mobypicture and his followers are triggered by the tweet and preview to click on the link. They end up on the Mobypicture posting page.

This is the 'normal' way people (more than 5 million)  from all around the world use Mobypicture.  

Tag The Love

Now here comes the promised magic.
Please click on the link in the tweet of Gerard Ekdom:

That brought you and a nice percentage of his followers on Twitter and Facebook to the 3FM website, Holland's most popular radiostation, instead of to Mobypicture like in the Charlie Sheen example.

Based on the context claimed by our client (3FM), hashtags, DJs, and crew accounts, our technology technology directs the traffic to the 3FM Tag The Love platform.

Here our client is in total control of what is published, in comparison to if the context on the social platforms FB, Twitter etc. are in control and monetize from the traffic the 3FM DJs and fans are creating.

On the platform the MobyNow technology aggregates ALL social content and empowers the riders and fans to interact and the brand to connect. 


So instead of just aggregating content, Tag The Love really funnels traffic from social media to the owned media channel seamlessly. 
Sharing your adventures on your social sites will result in instant traffic for your Tag The Love platform.

If you want to contact us or if you want to start benefitting from your social endeavours please contac´╗┐t us .