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All the basic needs for your professional website is taken care of.

Besides the complete freedom in your design Tag The Love uses the latest in responsive and mobile adaptive features.

Tag The Love is constantly upgraded and extended with new exciting features and integrations and of course takes care of all the basics.

Some of the features we provide to all our clients:

custom domain name

    you can connect your platform to your own web domain names easily.

    integrated hosting

      Tag The Love is a hosted service, so your hosting is cloudbased and scalable.


        Besides our own statistics, Tag The Love integrates with Google Analytics, Mixpanel and many other site monitoring tools.

        contact forms

          We developed smart contact forms editor and tools to download results.

          ssl certified

            All the Tag The Love platforms and management tools run on encrypted connections.

            gdpr ready

              We like our privacy and that of our customers and visitors.

              search engine optimisation

                The platforms are optimised for the robots of our beloved search engines to ensure a good indexation for our clients.

                smart dynamic sitemap

                  Tag The Love automagically updates your sitemap and allows you to decide which pages are indexed and which are not.


                  Tech developments go so fast.

                  There are many smart niche products out there and constantly developed.

                  That is why we created Tag The Love in an open way so that we can easily integrate the best services out there. 

                  Some of the services we partner with:


                  targeted newsletters are a great way to reach your fans and followers


                  smart webshop technology to turn your visitors in clients


                  payments made easy

                  • one off donations
                  • recurring payments
                  • affordable tailored solutions


                  effective charitable giving

                  • Kinder widgets empower readers to become changemakers


                  pro services for VOD


                    pro services for VOD


                    sharing and aggregration


                      sharing and commenting

                      • Kinder widgets empower readers to become changemakers


                      sharing and commenting


                        music services

                        • playlists
                        • tracks
                        • artists


                          sharing and commenting

                          • tracks


                          payments made easy

                          • one off donations
                          • recurring payments
                          • affordable tailored solutions

                          many more

                          stay tuned