Fan interaction and features

Tag The Love strive to be the easiest to maintain publishing platform, aggregating your content from you selected social sites and services. You upload a new video to YouTube and it automatically gets added to your site. Your latest blogposts are shown and you can schedule your social updates.

Your audience can comment on your postings directly from the platform and share this on their own social sites (a.o. Facebook and Twitter).  

They can like and re-share content, creating even more social traffic for your Tag The Love platform.  
The social services are taking over the way people use the Internet. We're here to give back traffic to content owners. We strive to ongoing innovate the publishing tools. Tag The Love allows you to launch full socially engaging platforms with the following features and functionality. The platforms are designed fully responsive and optimised for all devices.

Publishing tools
  • Extensive Content Management System 
  • Scheduled Social Media planning
  • Calendar and event functionality
  • Playlists
  • Contact and Signup forms
  • Photo and Video Upload 
  • Webcam Upload
  • Mobile web apps uploads (Instant)
  • Embeds (Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare, Soundcloud, Spotify, Vimeo) 
  • Custom iFrame embeds 
  • Analytics       
  • Search
  • Maps       
  • Sign up       
  • Text snippets       
  • Content Carrousels       
  • Live stream
  • Backchannels (social walls)
  • Social Previews (Twitter Cards, FB summary cards
Visitor Interactivity
  • Social Sharing      
  • Commenting / favoriting     
  • Shout box / Instant     
  • Polls    
  • Quizes 
  • Voting
Social Media Aggregation
  • Twitter updates ( #hastags / users / geo )
  • Instagram Postings 
  • Mobypicture Postings ( photo / video / audio ) 
  • Popular content analysis
  • Additional photo service unwraps
  • content filters
  • moderating users / sites / content

You can setup smart queries and filter content based on inclusion/exclusion, ban users or word combinations.
Video integrations
  • YouTube 
  • Vimeo 
  • Custom video services ( NPO, RTL, etc. )
  • Branded players
  • Live stream embeds

Any embeddable video content can be included in your video playlists.

Audio Integrations

  • Soundcloud   
  • Spotify   
  • iTunes   
  • Beatport
  • Deezer

Dependant of the particular music platform many different widgets can be included in the platform, on pages and in blogposts. You can include individual songs, artists or playlists.
Blog integration
  • Wordpress    
  • Medium
  • Tumblr    
  • Blogger
  • RSS
Newsletter integrations 
  • Mailchimp      
  • Sendgrid

Ad serving

  • Premium Networks (Vice)
  • RTB
  • Analytics
  • Custom Ads

Additional functionality

  • Multi User
  • Multi Lingual Options
  • API access 

Visitors can post photo, video and audio updates directly on the platform or use the newly released Moby Instant App to post from mobile!
If you want to contact us or if you want to start benefitting from your social endeavours please  contac´╗┐t us .