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Coming up with a good idea for a story and then writing it is only the first step in reaching your audience.

Content management

  • simple intuitive interface, no difficult choices
  • smart use of storylines
  • just drag&drop
  • control over look and feel
  • previews

    Creating content should be easy and fun

Great content is scattered around the web


  • embed all formats in your stories 
  • mobile apps to remix on the fly
  • browser plugins
  • integrated in your editor

time is money (or sleep)

Scheduling content

  • save sleep, no more setting alarms clocks to post something in the weekend 
  • facilitating you to work and plan ahead of your deadlines
  • bundling work so it becomes less of a burden

when a post goes live it's only the beginning


  • automatically notifying the stakeholders
  • integrating with Whatsapp, Slack and your calendar apps.
  • offering understanding of your brand ambassadors
  • engaging with your brand ambassadors

do your stories have the right effect


  • gather insights and big data
  • easily interpret it
  • evaluate your startegy
  • improve it constantly
Without understanding how content is consumed you cannot assess whether or not your strategy is working or you have to tweak it.