The Tag The Love Technology has proven very successful for 100+ clients since it's initial launch in 2010. Below you find some of the platforms we've developed ordered by their specific category.

For these different verticals we've developed additional features and modules.

Sports Industry

Top Athletes can use the social media traffic of the sharing of their daily lives, devoted to their sportsmanship, to thank their sponsors. To promote their sports and engage with their fans in a natural non intrusive way. Tag The Love works intensively for numerous Athletes, Sports Sponsors and Sports Marketing Agencies.

Music Industry

Musicians, Labels and Radiostations can benefit from their social media reach using our technology. Tag The Love supports all the popular music services like Spotify, Soundcloud. Our clients can easily enrich their platforms with their favorite audio content.


For various TV programs Mobypicture has developed platforms. The Tag The Love second screen functionality was used for Tour Du Jour during the Tour Du France and VI Oranje during the Eurocup 2012. Many TV personalities use Tag The Love as their personal website solution.

Arie Boomsma 

Tess Milne 

Movie Industry

Individual actors, entire casts and even the most important Dutch Film organization uses our technology to generate traffic for to achieve their goals.


Tech Industry

Tag The Love is used by influential tech entrepreneurs and by tech event organizers.

Charities (Anne Frank Stichting)

Corporate communication

Het PR bureau - 
Massive Music - 
Deloitte -