Tag The Love has been the tech platform of many beautiful projects since 2010.

Our clients range from big media to sports brands from movie producers to charitable organizations from celebrities to athletes and politicians. One thing they all have in common.

They share their passions with big audiences and want to communicate stories in the most simple and quick possible way.

You can use Tag The Love to create:

your Thought leadership Platform...

like Kinder World does.

  • Publishing and sharing multiple articles per day on various topics
  • Creating awareness amongst peers and target audiences.
  • Empowering concerned citizens visiting the platform to be part of a better world.
  • Converting traffic to effective donations to most effective charitable organisations solving the world's biggest challenges.

your fundraising platform...

like Movement on the Ground does.

  • Keeping the public up to date on developments and achievements in a non intrusive way
  • Creating awareness around the topics
  • Converting traffic to donations 

your Personal Blogging PLATFORM...

like Davy does.

  • Keeping his followers up to date on his personal endeavours.
  • Creating awareness for all his different activities and interests in one central place.

your video PLATFORM...

like Down To Earth does.

  • Creating contextually relevant content to draw attention for the beautiful documentary they have made.
  • Selling their documentary online
  • Creating awareness around the topics they want to address
  • Building the DTE community with engaging videos and content.

your campaigning PLATFORM...

like Before The Flood does.

  • Creating buzz around an important topic like climate change.
  • Crossselling the attention to have people engage with the topic.
  • Empowering people to act.

your Brand PLATFORM...

like our own website does.

  • Informing potential clients about the solutions your brand provides
  • Nurturing clients to get acquinted with your expertise
  • Servicing them in the proper non intrusive way.