The platform is launched and owned by you, shows all the social media conversation around you and helps you to tell the whole story. Your story. It allows you to interact with your friends & followers and enables you to use the exposure of the created content and conversation for other things you love.

Basically, Tag The Love gets the scattered energy of people talking about you and your topic on their social sites back to one place. Your place.

The online conversation is moving more and more towards Facebook, Twitter and other social technology platforms. 

Tag The Love plays an essential role in giving back control of the traffic and conversation around topics and with that the visibility of the created content and socially shared stories. 

The shared images and videos within the topical context will be linked from the social sites (f.e. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) to the publisher/content creator’s Tag The Love platform. The traffic from these social media activities will therefore end up on the platform and all the additional communication can be best brought to attention in an implicit way.

The Tag The Love platform solution is fully hosted and responsive and can function as the main website itself.

Tag The Love differentiates itself from other publishing tools because of its rooted distribution ecosystem. Over 1500 applications use the Mobypicture and Tag The Love API's, making it very easy for users to start working with Mobypicture. Because of this distribution ecosystem, traffic (from socially shared content) can organically end up on the The Tag The Love platform.

The technology has proven to be very successful over the last 5 years and won numerous awards.
Early 2009 Mobypicture won a Red Herring Award and was elected to the second best mobile applications in the international Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition. A joint venture with the VPRO won the NPOX award. Mobypicture is an honouree for the just issued Webby Awards in the category social network. In 2010 Mobypicture founder Mathys van Abbe won the title of Online Media Man of the Year and in 2011 the title of Best Startup Founder of the Year (Dutch Startup Awards). In 2013 Mobypicture won numerous awards for different projects revolved around the Olympics and other innovative projects. (including a Cyber Lion at the prestigious Cannes Lions festival)

The Rabobank was the first MobyNow client (LinkedIn recommendation)

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